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Self Storage Tips - 7 Things You Should Never Put In Storage

Self storage provides a stress-free way to organise your office or home. Whatever your motivation; reducing clutter, protecting your valuables or hiding your treasure, there are several things to bear in mind for storage safety factors and remaining in compliancy with storage laws.

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Declutter your home to supercharge your body and mind

So the new year is almost half way through already and your resolutions; to get fitter, eat less chocolate, learn a new language and declutter your home are well and truly in full flow..? Alright, so maybe not all of them and maybe you already know the reason why? Usually it's simply due to the fact that these things demand a change in habits and altering a habit is difficult.

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Personal storage, sort it, store it or bin it..!

In a previous blog article, we looked at three easy actions to start you on the path to organisation. In short, the points were; 1 Concentrate on one area, 2 Set yourself a declutter date and 3 determine what to keep, what to throw and what to put in personal storage.

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