Wine Storage

Perfect Storage for Your Prized Vintage

Wine Storage Maintained at the Ideal Environmental Conditions

Speedstore's wine storage facility is perfect for storing and ageing fine wines and spirits. Whether you are a small scale collector, investor or a wine merchant wanting to store on a large scale we have the ideal solution tailored for you.

There is much conjecture on the storage of wines but some points are essential.

Temperature Stability

Speedstore’s unique underground storage facility easily meets all these criteria. A depth of 600 feet guarantees a constant temperature of 12.5C with no fluctuations throughout the year. Temperature stability is probably the most important factor in wine storage. Fluctuating temperatures cause expansion and contraction of the wine which draws air into the bottle or pushes it out. This can lead to oxidisation.


Whilst damp air is great for the corks on wine bottles the labels will deteriorate and become mouldy. The ideal humidity range is therefore between 50 and 70%. Speedstore has a natural humidity of 50% and wine storage areas are maintained at 60%.

No light or UV

Sunlight or filament-based light can detrimentally effect particles in wine and contribute to imperfections in the wine. Delicate, light bodied white wines are typically at the greatest risk from light susceptibility and therefore commonly packed in dark bottles that provide a little protection from light. Wines stored in semitransparent, light green and blue hued bottles are the most sensitive to light and may need extra safeguards for storage. Speedstore subterranean climate controlled storage is entirely absent of UV light. While, dark bottles give protection over the short term, total absence of all light is essential for very long term wine storage.

Clean Air

Traditional corks are slightly permeable to air. Wine should never be stored near chemicals or strong odours. The air inside Speedstore is clean and wine storage areas are located away from other products.


With the value of fine wines increasing all the time and people purchasing as an investment good security is essential. Speedstore is probably THE most secure wine storage area in the UK. With a depth of 600’ and geologically stable for 70,000 years your wine is guaranteed the ultimate protection.


Many wine collectors seem to worry about vibration and movement of their wines. Remember all vineyards are commercial enterprises and they ship their wines out on lorries or trucks. As long as you have packaged your bottles correctly in plenty of bubble wrap or wine storage boxes inside the SpeedPod you will be fine. Just remember to place the bottles on their sides to keep the cork wet.

Climate Controlled Storage

Rest assured, for environmentally sensitive goods, our storage facility maintains a constant temp and humidity levels.

Free Storage Insurance

Sleep at night with Free £500 worth of insurance cover for each SpeedPod for your peace of mind. Extra cover option available at affordable rates.

Professional door-to-door service

Nationwide coverage with professional door to door services to and from locations of your choice. We only use the highest quality boxes and packing materials.

UKs Most Secure Self Storage

Early smoke detection, Water spray-mist fire-fighting equipment, 24 hour manned security linked to emergency services and 24 hour CCTV surveillance

No hidden extras - "Price you see is the price you pay

100% transparency, no hidden extras, "The price you see is the price you pay." We provide; free delivery of empty SpeedPod, free storage ready pod collection and free £500 insurance cover.

Unbeatable service at the lowest prices

Affordable secure storage charges, we endevour to beat any "like for like" storage quote, combined with unrivalled customer and storage management service.

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