Museum Storage

Curator Approved Environmental Controls

Museum Storage with Environmental Monitoring & Control

We offer an integrated museum storage and transport solution. Safe reliable transport coupled with an ultra secure underground storage facility that exceeds BSI PD 5454. All at much lower cost than you would think!

Speedstore is a revolutionary new concept that brings secure and reliable environmental monitoring and controlled storage within the budgets of all museums.

Space is always at a premium and many items are at risk of disposal as funds are tightened. Now even the lower value precious artefacts can be stored safely at very cost effective rates.

Dedicated museum storage and moving companies exist that offer a fantastic bespoke service but at greatly increased pricing. Many items don’t need to be handled in such a way. It isn’t every day you need to store a Snettisham hoard. Lower value but important items can now be correctly transported and stored at Speedstore’s secure central underground location.

Storage Standards

Speedstore’s unique underground facility is perfect for museum artefact storage. Located in a mineral mine 600 feet below the surface constant temperature and humidity are guaranteed.

Unlike conventional storage sites our environmental conditions do not rely on machinery or power to provide stable temperature and humidity levels. The mine is naturally dry and impervious to water so pumps are not needed.

  • Relative Humidity (RH) constant 50%
  • Temperature constant 12.5C
  • Particulate contaminants - no soot, ash, moulds, fungus or fibres
  • No light or UV
  • Free from insects & vermin
  • Dedicated climate controlled zones can be offered
  • Geologically stable for at least 70,000 years

SpeedPod Museum Storage

SpeedPods are perfect for most museums storage requirements. They are essentially giant safe deposit boxes. Waterproof, Dust Proof and Tamper Proof. They are supplied flat packed and assemble in seconds. No tools required. Pods are also supplied with locks.

  1. We ship out Speedpods to you along with any packing materials you require
  2. You pack the items you wish to store – an inventory can be added in your control panel
  3. When you are ready we collect and ship your items to our facility
  4. Returns are just as simple – we can get your pallet or pod back to you in 24 – 48hrs

Even when using extra packaging a SpeedPod will still carry a vast collection of ceramics, stone tools, bronze axe heads and other important items.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a forklift on site. All our collections are made using tail lift vehicles. Maximum pallet or SpeedPod weight is 1000kg.

Whilst SpeedPods offer the easiest solution for museum staff we can also store pallets. This reduces costs but does make packing a little more difficult.

How safe is the transport? Goods are shipped through the main UK pallet networks. All shipments are constantly tracked. Very high value items are shipped through these networks every day trouble free. As goods remain anonymous theft is almost unheard of. Most problems are caused by poor packing.

SpeedPods are very tough and robust. As long as you pack items correctly there is very little chance of any problems.

Special Services

For very high value rare items Speedstore can offer dedicated haulage options again at very competitive rates. This isn’t needed as often as you would think. Hatton Garden diamond merchants regularly send uncut diamonds in Jiffy Bags through normal post relying on the anonymity to prevent them being a target.

We offer larger SpeedPods for longer items along with custom built crates if required. We can also send in a team of experts to help you pack if required.

Whilst our underground facility offers almost perfect museum storage conditions there are occasions when special temperature and humidity requirements need to be met. Speedstore can tailor make dedicated storage areas for your specific requirements at far better rates than you would think possible. We can provide any environmental conditions you require.

PD5454 Compliant Document Storage & Archiving

PD5454 environment storage solutions for artefacts and historical document preservation.

Climate Controlled Storage

Rest assured, for environmentally sensitive goods, our storage facility maintains constant temp and humidity levels.

Express Private & Public Sector Storage

Rapid effective solutions for both the Private and Public sectors across the UK. Next day delivery and same day collection of storage available.

Online Archive Management Dashboard

Hassle-Free Self-Storage from the comfort of your home or office. Manage everything online. Complete inventory details and photo.

UKs Most Secure Self Storage

Early smoke detection, Water spray-mist fire-fighting equipment, 24 hour manned security linked to emergency services and 24 hour CCTV surveillance

Professional door-to-door service

Nationwide coverage with professional door to door services to and from locations of your choice. We only use the highest quality boxes and packing materials.

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