Collectors Storage

for environmentally challenged storage needs

Collectors Storage for environmentally challenged storage needs

Speedstore's specialist collectors storage facilities is perfect for sensitive and specialist items of value that need to be safeguarded. The UK has a very humid climate – often as high as 95% which is very harmful to many items that need to be stored. Speedstore’s unique self sustaining climate of 12.5 C and 50% humidity is perfect for your treasured items. 

Vinyl Records Storage

With records increasing in value – especially older 78s it is essential that they are stored in the correct way. Mould can grow on the surface of the record which means you then have to use special cleaning techniques which may harm your precious recordings. Worse still mould can actually get into the layers of your vinyl records, which is impossible to remove.

Camera Equipment Storage

Old cameras are becoming very collectible. They do not tolerate poor storage conditions. Mould growing inside lenses is very common. This can only be cleaned by complete strip down of the lens. Sometimes the coatings on the lenses are also attacked which renders the lens unusable. Camera shutter curtains are often made of cloth which can become perforated due to changes in temperature and humidity. Furthermore mould can grow on the insides of the camera casing causing irreparable damage. Some cameras have rubber bellows that can perish, crack and split.

Wine Storage Space

Proper storage conditions are vital for preserving fine wines. Absence of UV lighting is essential. Cool temperatures are essential as is the correct humidity. Too damp and the labels and boxes will be damaged reducing the value of your investment. Too low a humidity will cause the cork to dry out prematurely. Speedstore’s constant 12C and 50% humidity is perfect for storing your wine collection. Not only does storing wine with Speedstore preserve its value it also prevents you from drinking your assets!

Film and Photographic Media Storage

Storing old photos and slide film can be a real challenge. Mould and fungus can attack the gelatine that holds the emulsion onto the film. Careful cleaning can help but once the mould has etched through the emulsion there is nothing more you can do. This is very common and many slide collections have been destroyed in this way. Speedstore employs museum standard, storage environment management and controls that prevent the growth of mould. The constant temperature and humidity is perfect for the preservation of all kinds of film media.

Books and Printed Material Storage

Old books and maps can be ruined by improper storage. Old paper attracts all sorts of insects that thrive on eating your precious collection. From Silverfish to the infamous bookworm. Not only do insects find books very tasty so do rats and mice. Speedstore is totally immune to insect and vermin attack. Our underground storage facility exceeds the stringent requirements for long term storage of some of the nation’s treasure and yours!

Whatever, you storage requirement; if you are a collector and want to safeguard buried treasure, preserve your valued wine collection, hide-away your limited edition comic collection, protect historic documents or sensitive historic artefacts, Speedstore collectors storage facility provides unrivalled environmental protection in the mos

UKs Most Secure Self Storage

Early smoke detection, Water spray-mist fire equipment, 24 hour manned security connected to emergency services and 24 hour CCTV surveillance

Unique Environment

Zero UV light, no moisture, no rodents or insect. Steel won't rust - leather won't rot - books & paper are safe from insects

Unlimited Space

Almost 20 million sqft storage space. That is larger than London so in effect we have practically unlimited space.

Free Storage Insurance

Sleep at night with Free £500 worth of insurance cover for each SpeedPod for your peace of mind. Extra cover option available at affordable rates.

Professional door-to-door service

Nationwide coverage with professional door to door services to and from locations of your choice. We only use the highest quality boxes and packing materials.

No hidden extras - "Price you see is the price you pay

100% transparency, no hidden extras, "The price you see is the price you pay." We provide; free delivery of empty SpeedPod, free storage ready pod collection and free £500 insurance cover

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